O China Lost! - YEAOH & Chang Lee Harper

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Like I already have told you Chang Lee is a real multi talent as a musician! Here he plays the Cembalo, an older type of the piano we all know today just everywhere upon this world, for you! Some of the direct heirs of Joseph Haydn from Eisenstadt in Austria gave it to him as a present after they had listened to his interpretation of "Goodbye, sweetheart, goodbye!" with "YEAOH!" on Youtube last month. Absolutely for free and for all the times if he would really like to call it his own from now on. Even Joseph's former friend Wolfgang Amadeus already has played upon it several times when he still was living and used to stay with Haydn on Schloss Esterhazy for some while as a friend they told all of us. And so you simply can't divide our young friend Chang Lee from China and Beijing anymore as a person from his new instrument, Haydn's own former Cembalo, like everyone of you can easily imagine! Because he so much adores both of them. He even sleeps aside of it upon the naked bottom quite often. (By now his friends use to bring him at least some blankets for the night, because they fear he might get ill without them otherwise). It's his very first own composition after I had given him some private lessons how he possibly might learn to write just a few of them sooner or later, too. Not so bad at all from his side for the very first time like I really think! Or what do you say? -- P.S. Half an hour ago I could hear Ráoul Ramirez from Brazil say to Chang Lee Harper: "I wouldn't wonder at all, Chang Lee, if this really nice piece you have newly written will become something like the new national hymn of the whole of China some day!" I think he could be right in the end. For its melody sounds really more than sweet if you ask me! Indeed he already has told Ruslan and Larissa Fjodor from Russia who use to belong to some of his very own best friends in Maxfield, just, too, that he already has got some plans to translate it into some Chinese, his own mother tongue, as soon as possible anyway. And simply everybody here in Maxfield Town knows that Chang Lee Harper normally always keeps what he is promising in front of you or maybe some others. - update 06/11/2012: In the meantime you can find the lyrics of the song together with some easy-to-play guitar chords on my Photobucket.com account as a singer-songwriter from Germany, too! (user name: "stantonreadeballads2012"). And if you really want you can also download them to your computer very easily from there (right mouse click on the file, then choose "save to ...") for absolutely nothing.
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