Twin Towers Jumpers, World Trade Center, WTC Sad Tragedy

By: nemesis1950


Uploaded on September 10, 2007 by nemesis1950 Powered by YouTube To some people this video may be disturbing. The intentions of this video are kind hearted and we are deeply saddened by the event. Our hearts go out to the families that were directly affected by 911; the Twin Tower victims, the Firefighters (keep trucking ladies and gents) and I guess even our enemies. When you think about it, they had to be under some serious pressure to do such an act. Now look whats going on?

My mother posted this video Sept 09, 2007 and has since passed away. Her last written words on the subject was on September 09, 2007. She wrote - 'Among those killed on September 11, 2001 were men and women who jumped or fell from the twin towers at the World Trade Center. I've been researching this topic for some time now, but images of these unfortunate souls still take my breath away. I always wish there was something I could have done to help them. With that in mind, I created the angel with the net image which was published in the September 11 Digital Archive. Since then, I've been working on this animation.'

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