Rejected Take-off of a Boeing 747 Iberia

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Aborted take-off of a Boeing 747 Iberia. Some information thanks to elmunyon, the pilot in command of this take-off! "Hi, I am the pilot who was flying that aircraft . This video was first uploaded more than 4 years ago and I found it just by luck. You can have a look in youtube with the tag. "Fallo Motor ENG1 en Chicago B747 :: Muñeko Productions". I do not know exactly who shot the movie but, I guess it was from another airplane at the holding point. The rejected take off was exactly on July 12nd 2004 rwy 32R at Chicago O´Hare Int airport. It ocurred at 80-90 knots aprox. We didn´t feel any bang.... ..... but also a big hit on the left side of the airplane. What exactly happened was an engine stall. The aircraft drifted to the left, so we applied right rudder to get the airplane on the center line (no automatic rudder in B747). When an engine stalls, there is no fire actually inside. The fire that comes out is because, let´s say, of an incorrect mixture of air and fuel. There are no more B747 in Iberia since 2005. Hope this explanations clear some discussion that I´ve seen in the forum."
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