Special 9/11 U.S. Military Tribute

By: 40warrior


Uploaded on September 11, 2010 by 40warrior Powered by YouTube

Very unlike me I know considering i do gaming vids, but if you couldnt tell im American. I was affected by 9/11 as well and still remember the day for what it is today and in 2001.

So i made this slideshow after 3-4 days of hard work as my own way of thanking the military and those who played roles in helping us moving forward as well. It's a small gesture but it is one nonetheless.

Take the time to read the poem near the end, real powerful stuff.

I understand politics might come into play here so I'll make this really simple. I will not tolerate any sort of immature bickering seeing as we are all reasonable ppl (I hope). State your point if you'd like but i will not take negative comments about countries, religions, or anything offensive to anyone, whomever it is. It is my routine to "clean up" my videos. Anything I do not approve of will get Chuck Norris treatment and will virtually get roundhouse kicked off the comments, and possible blocking may ensue afterwards under my discretion. GOT IT? GET IT? GOOD

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