My Best Killcam Ever?! | Dare Surge | Joined Dare!

By: pulsE7N


Uploaded on May 21, 2012 by pulsE7N Powered by YouTube

LIKE AND FAV!! Hey guys!! I had a massive break from youtube for a few months as I was so bored of it but now that its getting close to summer I joined dare! I decided to go with Dare Surge as it was somthign different and unique xP I joined a couple days ago and hit a couple clips like this and some nasty hitmarkers which I will upload either today or in teh next few days :) Follow me on TWITTER ASAP as I will be doing open lobbies and playing with subs!!/pulsE7N Btw I have never seen anyone try or hit this variation! I may do a tutorial in it if I get enough likes xD Song: Logic - Tic Tac Toe -pulsE7N/Dare Surge
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