Last Chemo Treatment for Young Breast Cancer Mom

By: ChaChingQueen


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Yay! Im done (hopefully). I had to have a reduced dosage of the chemo today because of the reaction to the Taxotere last time. My regular oncologist wasnt there today so we saw a different doctor. He thought my hands looked pretty bad. He should have seen them last week! Anyway, he didnt feel comfortable giving me the full dosage today because of the possibility of long term effects. Even so, this was still my last chemo treatment (assuming all my follow up scans and tests look ok).

During treatment they had me do cryotherapy to help reduce any side effects I may have from the Taxotere this time. I had to keep soaking my hands in ice water. The ice is supposed to stop the chemo from going to my hands. It wasnt very comfortable, but I sure hope it helps.

When I finished treatment all the nurses came over and showered us with confetti. Then, I rang the bell on the way out, the custom for all patients getting their last treatment.

The boys and I did a celebratory dance sporting my bald head. Mommy's last chemo!

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