Crossing Delancey: At the Park Bench (HD)

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Excerpt from the romantic light comedy, Crossing Delancey which stars dreamer and pretender, Izzy (Isabelle...
Excerpt from the romantic light comedy, Crossing Delancey which stars dreamer and pretender, Izzy (Isabelle Grossman played by actress, Amy Irving). This is the scene that really starts it all! Izzy sits with her grandmother, Bubbie (Reizl Bozyk), one fine day in the park when she finds out that Bubbie hired a schatz hunter, a marriage broker, Hannah Mandelbaum (Sylvia Miles). Favorite Quotes: Basically the whole dialog between Bubbie and Hannah. Hilarious! Notes of Interest: Reizl Bozyk Reizl Bozyk was a star on the Yiddish stage, performing in hundreds of productions in the US, and earlier in Poland and Argentina. She began her acting career in Poland at the tender age of 5 or 6 alongside her parents. Later on she fell in love with and married another Yiddish actor, Max Bozyk. When World War II began in 1939, the Bozyks fled from the Nazis, first to Argentina and then to New York City in 1941. Together, they built a wonderful career on the Yiddish stage for the next three decades. There was joy and heartache. Max fell ill and died in 1970 after a performance. In an interview when "Crossing Delancey" opened, Mrs. Bozyk said that her 37 years with her husband had been like 74 because they'd spent their entire days and nights together. "After the concert in Town Hall, right there, he said he didn't feel well," she said. "I took him in my arms and he died. I would like to go the way he did." She passed away at 79 in 1993. "Crossing Delancey" was her one and only film appearance and had made TV appearances in "Law and Order" in the 1993 episode "Night & Fog" as well as a guest spot on "Reading Rainbow" in that same year. I wish Reizl Bozyk had done more film and TV work! I think she was an awesome actress with skill and charisma that steals the show. If you want to find out whether Bubbie and Hannah succeed in finding Izzy a match and watch more funny dialog between them, then please rent or buy the DVD! ---