The Walking Dead - RIP Season 2 - In Memoriam (HD)

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"In Memoriam" featuring all the walkers taking over Hershel's farm and the appearance of Michonne. This video segment is part of the Talking Dead show hosted by Chris Hardwick on AMC.

"In Memoriam" is a tribute to the walkers (zombies) that get executed in each episode of The Walking Dead.

This cut was a fun collaboration with the writers and producers of Talking Dead. All our fanboy passion goes into these aftershow videos and I hope you've enjoyed them.

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If you're into The Walking Dead, you should definitely stay tuned for the live/interactive Talking Dead show that airs after it!

On the Talking Dead, you'll find out insights into The Walking Dead, such as Executive Producer Glen Mazzara explaining that they originally planned to kill off Hershel this season, but kept him alive because his character contributed something special to the team and Kirkman revealing Michonne will be played by Danai Gurira next season.

And if you're down with my art house vibe, take a look at the feature film I wrote and directed "Minty: The Assassin"



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