Synthesis of Methyl Orange (time Lapse Video) [18+]

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About 1.5 hours into less than 5 minutes.
Dr. Loehr's Organic 2 Lab!

"uuuh, are you sure this experiment was methyl orange? I think we made some sort of plastic..." :D

I started recording late. Video starts with it already in ice and adding the HCl by dropper. People came and examined our experiment @ 0:39, 1:35 - about 4 people when we had walked away.

Sulfanilic acid, sodium carbonate and water.
Mix Sodium Nitrite with water and add this to the first mixture. Cool in ice bath. (video starts here)

Then add drop by drop 6M HCl solution, stir and keep cold.
Mix together dimethylaniline and acetic acid; combine this with the (now) diazonium salt (aka the original mixture, red liquid) to make a dark red paste. Remove from ice. Add Sodium Hydroxide (becomes orange). Wait 10 mins.

Filter the precipitate by suction filtration. Scrape into a boat.
Test product by watching it color change when in basic solution then in an acidic solution (in the test tube).

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