Talon - Roller Coaster

By: lordgonchar


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What can I tell you about Talon? It currently resides in my top 10 and is my favorite B&M inverted coaster (of 11 I've ridden). I don't know what it is - I just really like this ride. One of those coasters where the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. I personally recommend riding in the back three rows (6, 7, or 8) contrary to what many think about the better view from the front of the train. In this case you'll get the better ride in the back and a cool little bit of floaty air on the drop into the on-ride photo section. I also prefer the left side as you get the outside swing on the first drop and the wider spin on the zero-g roll. Just some personal preferences for potential riders to consider. This video covers the whole ride.

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