Hellenic Army - Δυνάμεις Καταδρομών - ΛΟΚ, ΜΑΚ, ΜΑΛ & ΕΤΑ (SOF & SF)

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The 1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade, (Greek: 1η ΤΑΞΚΔ-ΑΛ - 1η Ταξιαρχία Kαταδρομών-Αλεξιπτωτιστών), 1 TAXKD-AL - 1 Taxiarhia Katadromon-Alexiptotiston, is a brigade-sized formation of elite Greek light infantry and special operations forces. The formation is more commonly referred to as the Raider Forces (Greek: Δυνάμεις Kαταδρομών - Dynameis Katadromon), and a soldier belonging to the Brigade a Raider (Greek: Kαταδρομέας, Kαταδρομείς - Katadromeas, Katadromeis). 1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade soldiers wear the standard-issue Greek Lizard camouflage BDUs of the Hellenic Army. Members of the Special Paratrooper Unit (ETA) and Z' MAK may occasionally wear non-standard issue BDUs, depending on mission requirements. All members of the Brigade wear the unit insignia depicting a winged sword, representative of the "deadly, silent and swift" nature of special forces operations. A scroll runs across the sword and wings with the motto Who Dares Wins (Greek: Ο ΤΟΛΜΩΝ ΝΙΚΑ - O Tolmon Nika), a tribute to the Free Greek Special Forces that served with the 1 SAS Brigade during World War II. The unit flash is emblazoned with ΔΥΝΑΜΕΙΣ ΚΑΤΑΔΡΟΜΩΝ (Raider Forces). While on operation, low-visibility patches are worn. All Raiders wear the green beret with the national emblem on the left.

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