GTA 4: World Destruction! - (Tsunami Mod + Carmageddon Mod COMBINED!)

By: TheGamingLemon


Uploaded on July 07, 2013 by TheGamingLemon Powered by YouTube

One of the funnest mod(s) so far! Since you guys keep telling me to do Carmageddon again and to do the Tsunami mod, why not make it all into one video? 20 minutes of absolute mayhem!

● Carmageddon:
● Tsunami:

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Music Used (In Order):
• "Ultraviolence" - Cliff Lin
• "Tidal Wave" - The Day After Tomorrow OST
• "Enemy of My Enemy" - MW2 Soundtrack
• "The X Files Main Theme"
• "All Gone (Aftermath)" - The Last of Us OST
• "Sneaky Snitch" - Kevin MacLeod -
• "Sneaky Adventure" - Kevin MacLeod -
• "Breathless" - The Last of Us OST
• "Bad Pitched" - by Insan3Lik3 (


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