Alisia - "Ti Si Sexy""

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"DVE 4ERVENI Enurion" presents:
Hot Alisia, in episode: "Ti si Sexy" (You Are Sexy)

Alisia is one of the most popular folk singer in Bulgaria, the new EU member. She represents one of the remarkable mystical voices of the Bulgarian traditional folk culture and the Bulgarian youth just loves her, as much as she is one of the top wannabe role models to the Bulgarian youth. They are so crazy about the beauty Alisia, that by the age of twenty, they do everything to reach that "Bulgarian Beauty"! Bulgarians are proud of their women, and they claim the Bulgarian women as the most beautiful women in the world.

In this episode Alisia wants you to stop being unreal and she wants you to want her and not to stop wanting her and with your eyes thirsty to drink her body until your body went crazy..

The beauty in Bulgaria never stops, and the Bulgarians can spand 10 days life time, but they live 9 1/2 days of complete Bulgarian Beauty and 1300 years of history!
The Beautiful Bulgaria grows in our heart!

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