Final Fantasy IV #14- Baigan of Swag

By: Thunderstar5758


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Cecil and the gang finally make it to Baron Castle, only to find no one is around and Cid is still missing. Along the way, they get betrayed by: Baigan HP (Arms): 444 EXP (Arms): 10 Gil (Arms): 0 Item (Arms): N/A HP (Baigan): 4444 EXP Gained (Baigan): 3200 Gil (Baigan): 2000 Item: N/A (Remember to UnEquip Palom and Porom after defeating Baigan) After defeating the traitor, the group go to see the king, only to find out that the real king is missing and that he was replaced by: Cagnazzo HP: 5312 Weakness: Ice, Lightning EXP: 5500 Gil: 4000 Item: N/A After defeating Cagnazzo, they meet up with Cid and attemt to escape, only to try and be killed by the walls. Palom and Porom sacrifice themselves to save Cecil and the others. After obtaining the airship Enterprise, Kain stops them and demands a trade. The Earth Crystal for Rosa. The gang must go to Troia and get it but there is other things to do in wait.
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