James Bond 007 Casino Royale Subdermal Microchip Propaganda

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[The screen pulsing flashes are not on the original video that I uploaded. For some reason, YouTube can't smoothly upload mp4 video created in iMovie on my computer. The same thing happened with the video I uploaded titled "Exposing One Of The 9/11 Commission's Blatant Lies" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kW35q0BghM ]

When I was watching I saw a very overt piece of slick propaganda, so I opened Snapz Pro and recorded it, then uploaded it to YouTube. The basic just of the propaganda, as I see it, is:

"Even the coolest tough guy rebel-ish free acting intel agent willingly accepts a subdermal microchip tracking device. It's good for you."

Well, let's all line up and get chipped with tracking devices then.

"You don't want to get chipped? But you want to be cool like James Bond, don't you? They're cool, so get chipped and be cool, too. It's good for you."

There are so many examples of subdermal microchip propaganda, but it should be especially worriesome when it comes straight from her Majesty's elite intel who are deeply involved in providing ideas and direction and shit for the 007 franchise. If you think that the high-elite of the world don't want all of us chipped and tracked at all times, think harder.

They're just weaning you onto it piece-by-propagandic-piece.

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