Airsoft War FPS Action "Anzio Camp" England HD

By: scoutthedoggie


Uploaded on April 17, 2012 by scoutthedoggie Powered by YouTube

1 of over 400 airsoft videos at Filmed by the No1 YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 140 MILLION hits. Scout T-Shirts Scout is on FaceBook At Scout on Twitter Scouts 2013 Videos Playlist Scouts top ten most watched videos Awesome Videos Playlist Airsoft is a sports game which is played by people, young and old, around world. The age anyone can play this game depends on the insurance cover that each site has. Most sites in the UK, USA etc accept players from age 14, though many will also accept players as young as 10. I would advise that before playing Airsoft at any site, you make sure it has insurance cover for all players. Always wear eye protection when playing Airsoft, even if you are just playing in your backyard. Airsoft is non-lethal, no-one has ever been seriously injured using these. It is not possible to convert these items to fire anything other than little plastic BBs. Above all, Always play safe. These videos are filmed using Canon DSLR cameras & edited using Apple iMovie on an Apple iMac & MacBook Pro SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, COMMENT & HIT the like button. New Videos Every Week. If you still cannot find my videos just Google "Scoutthedoggie"
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