Toprock Tutorial/Guide V1

By: Flashlegz


Uploaded on October 24, 2008 by Flashlegz Powered by YouTube

My toprock guide, for noobs by noobs you could say, rushed this, so I'll spend some more time on a version 2 if this ends up being pretty good. Thanks to -

Bboy Byu, for inspiration
Yellowpaco, for his guide
BboyLemon, for the original guide I practiced from (which I think he removed, since I can't find it)
JesusPunk33 for requesting that I make a guide in the first place

1. Stay on the balls of your feet
2.Think light and springy, also that you're the dopest mofo on the planet
3. You can move around but I forgot to demonstrate, it's easy enough to figure out anyway
4. Keep your legs slightly bent

1. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Creator
2. Chub Rock - Treat'em right
3. Liquid liquid - Cavern
4. Zeb Roc Ski - Breakers Revenge
5.Fushnickens - What's up Doc?

I forgot some stuff, I'll do it seperately or in a version 2

I found some move names, Cross step, Indian step, back step, kick step and apparently Four corners

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