CoD 5 Nazi Zombie Map 'Zombie Island'

By: Acidburner1


Uploaded on May 10, 2009 by Acidburner1 Powered by YouTube

This is my video on a modded nazi zombie map called 'Zombie Island' Enjoy!!! If you want to DL this map (PC Only) go to this link: lol long link but its there :P To Install: 1. Make sure your CoD 5 is patched to at least 1.2 or above, if not patch it. 2. for Vista users go to: C:\Users\(your account name)\app data\activision\CodWaW\mods for XP: C:\Documents and Settings\(your account name)\Local Settings\Application Data\activision\CoDWaW\mods (if you dont have a mods folder, make one) (and if you cant see your 'local settings' or 'application data' folders, type them in manually) 3. Paste the whole folder of the mod, not just the files in it into the mods folder 4. start the game 5. press mods and launch the folder of your mod 6. make sure you have the console enabled in your game settings 7. press ~ (the button to the left of 1) and type in /map (name of mod here) eg. /map nazi_zombie_island and hit enter (make sure you replace spaces with _ ) 8 PLAY!
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