Fourth of July Fireworks 2012 Sarasota

By: darksunsetphoto


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Fourth of July Fireworks in Sarasota at Marina Jacks. The video has a compilation of patriotic music playing as the fireworks are fired off culminating in the finale and the patrons leaving en-mass. This was my first multi-camera production using two Panasonic HDC-TM700's. Post production was completed in Adobe Premier Pro CS5. This was a learning experience for my son and I. I normally shoot stills but decided to try video for the Fourth of July this year. Lessons Learned: 1. Much like still photography of fireworks it is best to set the focus to manual to ensure everything stays in focus. 2. Set the exposure to manual as well to ensure the exposure doesn't get blown out or too much grain in the video. 3. pinpointing an individual firework in each camera works well to sync up the cameras in post production. ========================================­=== **Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos: Visit my Facebook page for more artwork and updates.
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