My Home Back Workout - Mike Chang

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1 proven trick for getting ripped: *******sixpackshortcuts****/yt/?t=DESC&v=My-Home-Back-Workout---Mike- (...
1 proven trick for getting ripped: *******sixpackshortcuts****/yt/?t=DESC&v=My-Home-Back-Workout---Mike- (2:30) Wide Grip Pull Ups (3:23) Close Grip Pull Ups (5:50) Under Hand Pull Ups (8:16) Dumbbell Side Lateral (upper back) What's up guys...Mike Chang here again! This is my home back workout that I do using only a door frame pull up bar and a pair of 15 lbs dumbbells. Mike Chang's Home Back Workout: 10 Wide Grip Pull Ups 10 Close Grip Pull Ups 10 Under Hand Pull Ups 10 Dumbbell Side Laterals = 1 Round DO 4 ROUNDS TOTAL, rest 30 sec or less b/t exercises * Make sure to watch the video where I explain techniques on how to work on your back muscles more and use less of your biceps during the exercises. *******sixpackshortcuts****/yt/?t=DESC&v=My-Home-Back-Workout---Mike- Hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment to let me know how you liked the workout. Train hard, Mike Chang ps. Use this link to share with your friends: *******