Jeremy Camp - This Man

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Edit: So it has now come to my attention that not only is this video my most viewed video on my channel, but it is the most viewed video on Youtube that relates to Jeremy Camp. I don't know if the label Jeremy Camp is the cause for the popularity, or if the footage of the Passion Of Christ is the cause. Either way, i am grateful and humbled by the support. Half of a million views. Wow. I'm surprised the video hasn't been taken down due to copyright infringement, but not that surprised, we need more videos like this in the Youtube community, and also around the world.

Do not thank me for this video, i am simply a vigilant supporter of the Christian media and the other spiritual media alike. From the obedience towards the will of God, Jeremy Camp and Icon Productions made this video happen. I am not worthy of taking their credit for them.

Song: Jeremy Camp - This Man
Video: The Passion Of The Christ

He did this, just for you.

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