IPhone 4 Vs IPhone 4S - Does 'S' Stand for Speed or Suck?

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iPhone 4 Vs iPhone 4S - Does 'S' Stand for Speed or Suck?

They look and feel identical, but beauty is only skin deep, right? Naturally, TechnoBuffalo wanted to see how Apple's new iPhone 4S stood up against its year-and-a-half old predecessor. So does the S stand for Speed or Suck?

As you probably know by now Apple's new iPhone 4S comes with some much improved internals, including the A5 chip, 8 megapixel camera and bluetooth 4.0 support. But how do these improvements translate to everyday use? In the short time (re: AT&T Activation Nightmare) I've had my hands on the device, I didn't notice a huge difference when opening up Apple's proprietary apps. When I used Safari pages did load up quicker, but again, the difference didn't blow my mind . Likewise with third party apps, although most developers haven't yet had the opportunity to take full advantage of the iPhone 4S internals. However, when it comes to the camera, you will see a difference when snapping photos.

When it comes down to it, the iPhone 4S is faster, but the iPhone 4 is no slouch either. If you care about download speeds and you're on AT&T, the HSPA + speed advantage is noticeable, so that is something to keep in mind.

If you upgraded to the iPhone 4S, have you noticed a huge speed difference? For those of you who upgraded from a two or three year old iPhone, how do you like the iPhone 4S so far?

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