Linkin Park - New Divide (Full Anime Trailer HD)

By: finalfracus


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Hey guys! IT is Complete! I finished a while back (today) and well here it is! It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 so hopefully youtube doesn't screw that up!

I used Linkin Park's New Track called New Divide. I also made the graphics in the end. Well arranged them anyway. it was part of the transformers poster.

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I do however own VRM, the slogan and logo and everything else in the LAST image. Trademarked and all. so. I donot own any of these Anime, nor do I own the rights to Linkin Park's New Divide. They are all copyright their respective owners. Copyright 2009 WMG, Warner Music Group. And all the Anime Studios. AND: Music And Anime Copyright (C) Their Respective Copyright Holders

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