20 DIECAST CARS TOON Mater's Tall Tales Rescue Squad Mater Heavy Metal

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"mater the greater die-cast" "rescue squad mater die-cast" "heavy metal mater die-cast&...
"mater the greater die-cast" "rescue squad mater die-cast" "heavy metal mater die-cast" 5 boxes with 4 diecast Cars inside! These are 1:55 Die-cast Car from Disney Cars Toon Mater's tall tales collection. Each of these nicely detailed die-cast Cars look exactly like the ones in the Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales. With a raised chassis, oversized, monster truck-worthy wheels and a cool custom paint job Monster truck cars measure about 4.5 inches tall and 6 inches long and have free moving spinning rubber wheels so you can recreate this new Car adventure! The other Cars are between 1 to 3 inches tall and 4 to 5 inches long!! A real collector's item for any Disney Pixar fan!!! "Rescue Squad Mater 4-pack" Rescue Squad Mater, Rescue Squad Chopper, Dalmatian Mia and Tia. "Rescue Squad Mater 4-pack" Burnt Lightning McQueen, Dr. Mater, Nurse Mia and Tia. - Nurse Tia "Mater the Greater 4-pack" Lug, Rocket Mater, Mater Fan Mia and Tia. - Mater Fan Tia "Mater the Greater 4-pack" Daredevil McQueen, Mater the Aviator, Lug, Props McGee. "Heavy Metal Mater 4-pack" Rocky & Eddie, Heavy Metal Mater, Heavy Metal Lightning McQueen In Rescue Squad Mater, Lightning McQueen and Mater are driving in Radiator Springs and drive past Red, who is hosing some plants near Stanley. Mater tells Lightning that he used to be a firetruck, but Lightning doesn't believe Mater. This episode then shows a burning building (the gasoline and match factory) and many cars are scared. Mater is then shown as a firetruck and the fire alarm rings. Mater quickly zooms over to the burning building and shoots water at the burning building. Tia and Mia are there, too and are painted white with black spots like Dalmatians. Then, the film goes back to Lightning McQueen and Mater. Lightning tells Mater that he doesn't believe him about being a firetruck. Mater tells McQueen to remember that "you was there, too". The film then goes back to Rescue Squad Mater rescuing Lightning from the building and put into an ambulance just when the building blows up. Lightning is then rushed to the hospital and seen going though many doors and then seen in Dr. Mater's office revealing that Mater is a doctor too. Tia and Mia with Kori Turbowitz also appear as nurses, along with a yellow GTO. Lightning is then seen screaming as he is getting repaired. In Mater the Greater, at Flo's V8 Cafe, Lightning McQueen, Flo, and the gang from Radiator Springs are settling down to a sip of oil when Mater does a jump and hits some cans. Mater tells Lightning how he used to be a daredevil stunt driver. The film then goes to a dirt stadium, which is set up complete with the Lightyear Blimp hovering over the stadium. Mater the Greater enters the stadium and gets ready for his first stunt, jumping a long line of cars. Mia and Tia are also there and look a lot like Mater complete with fake buckteeth. Buck the Tooth Vendor sells two buckteeth for 1 buck. Mater then gets ready to jump. He backs up so much, he hits the wall behind him. Then, he zooms toward the ramp. But just before he's about to jump, he lands on the first car and drives across them and at the end, jumps over the other ramp. Mater does a whole bunch of stunts: is shot from a cannon through a ring of fire (his hook catches on the ring and burns him), flies on a biplane (Props McGee) that spins around (his hook catches on the plane so he doesn't fall off), and jumps from a high height into a pool of water. In Heavy Metal Mater, At Flo's V8 Cafe, the cars are enjoying karaoke night (Guido is currently singing) and Lightning McQueen tells Mater to sing. Mater replies "Nah, I don't want to steal the show", and then he starts his story. Maters tells Lightning that he used to be a rock star. He started out in a garage band called Mater and the Gas-Caps with Mater as the lead singer, Rocky & Eddie at the electric guitar and bass guitar, and a drummer Pitty. They first performed at the Top Down Truck Stop and when they finished, Mia and Tia asked them if they had a record. Everything went well in the studio until a fly got in. When the drummer tried to swat the fly with his drumsticks, he started playing faster. Mater had no choice, but to sing faster too, he liked the new heavier sound. And Heavy Metal Mater was born with their most popular song, "Dad Gum". Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales is an American animated shorts television series by Disney and Pixar featuring the characters Mater and Lightning McQueen from the film Cars. The series first broadcast was on Toon Disney, Disney Channel and ABC Family. The "Cars Toon Mater's tall tales" series was released on DVD and Blu-ray featuring 2 brand new episodes. So far have been released 9 episodes. The last episode #10 is called Air Mater and the first of season 3, and was released on Blu-ray and DVD with Cars 2.