SAFARI LEWA Ep.1 "Getting There"

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Safari Lewa Episode 1- Getting There.
They say that the point of a journey is not to arrive, or something like that (thanks Rush). But flying an 8 hour flight to Amsterdam and then another 8 hours to Nairobi, you really want to arrive! There are only so many movies you can watch, and airplane food you can eat before you go a little crazy. (Sorry for the close up shots of my face)
After spending the night at Wildebeest camp in Nairobi, it was a little plane flight out to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and then, the safari finally begins. Hope you travel well, because we got a lot of animals to see!

For more info:
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy


Kenya and Lions:

*Episode 1 filmed on location in Chicago, Amsterdam, Nairobi & Lewa Conservancy.
By: Brians Art for Animals.
Thanks to everyone at Lewa and all the animals & people on this trip.
-Some of the proceeds from these Safari Lewa videos will go to help Lewa's programs.

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