Boomerang Card TUTORIAL ! The Best on Youtube !

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The best video teaching how to make the famous "Boomerang Card" Hope u guys enjoy it =D _____...
The best video teaching how to make the famous "Boomerang Card" Hope u guys enjoy it =D ______SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE !! =] _______ ______________________________________ What kind of magic can I do with this move? my tip: "Looks like the card jump from the middle of the deck!! Cant believe!!!!!" ;D --- --- _____________________________________ This movie dosen't have anything to do with any of the following box monster ellusionist illusionions revealed david copperfield david blaine daniel garcia justin miller magic tricks underground trick amazing card cards criss angel walk on water chris soulr3aver free magic school theory11 penguin magic toasted by impossible color change ed marlo mercury loops haunted deck ninja 1 2 ultra gaff factory sealed bullet coin through bottle electric touch celebracadabra vh1 hover card revolution coin vanish how to do street magic black tiger ghost warning wiregrams slam coinbite m5 system kinds rising levitation shadow masters hummer card axis change third degree burn dream of aces rising deck army of 52 blizzard jim paces the web kaos card through window nathan kranzo stigmata wayne houchin torn dvd warp one forcing deck mind bender royal road to card magic 5 dvd set viper deck stained skin strange revelers shapeshifter svengali indecent witness crash course soulr3aver invisible deck mentalism third degree burn banacheck supeman coin bend scropian pro-uv kit thumb tip raven mind bending yigal mesika glass fraud infusion ivanish disjointed d lite saw sean fields silver dream de ring devo brad christian begginer revealed easy mentalism xcm guide tutorial warning extreme advanced mega ultra fireball nod32 xD =] x] =D ;D ;] TUTORIAL BOOMERANG, SUBSCRIBE !!