DC Universe Online Hero Walkthrough/Commentary Part 9 : "That Stings" LOL

By: BizkitRebellion


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Welcome to my video Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of DC Universe Online with Live Gameplay and Commentary If you guys enjoyed the video do me a favour and drop it a "Like" rating. It helps me out a lot =D Check out my channel for more gameplay and commentary http://www.youtube.com/user/BizkitRebellion1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/BizkitRebellion Skype: BizkitRebellion DC Universe Online Playthrough PART 9 DC Universe Online Walkthrough PART 9 DC Universe Online Lets Play PART 9 DC Universe Online Playthrough Part 9 DC Universe Online Walkthrough Part 9 DC Universe Online Lets Play Part 9 DC Universe Online Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Adam Strange Amazo Ambush Bug Aquaman Ares Bane Batgirl Batman Bat-Mite Batwoman Beast Boy Bizarro Black Adam Black Canary Black Lightning Black Mask Blue Beetle Blue Snowman Booster Gold Brainiac Captain Atom Captain Boomerang Captain Cold Captain Marvel Cassandra Cain Catwoman Cheetah Chemo Circe Clayface Clock King Creeper Cyborg Darkseid Deathstroke Doctor Poison Donna Troy Doomsday Dr. Psycho Dr. Sivana Eclipso Egg Fu Etrigan Firefly Flash General Zod Giganta Gorilla Grodd Green Arrow Green Lantern Hades Harley Quinn Harvey Bullock Hawkgirl Hawkman Heat Wave Hippolyta Huntress Hush James Gordon Jay Garrick Jimmy Olsen John Stewart Key Killer Croc Killer Frost Killer Moth Kilowog Larfleeze Lex Luthor Livewire Lois Lane Mad-Hatter Major Force Man-Bat Martian Manhunter Merlyn Metallo Mongul Mr. Freeze Mr. Zsasz Nightwing Ocean Master Oracle Parasite Poison Ivy Power Girl Prankster Queen Bee Question Ra's Al Ghul Raven Red Robin Red Tornado Renee Montoya Robin Scarecrow Scarface Shining Knight Silver Swan Sinestro Solomon Grundy Starfire Steel Supergirl Superman Swamp Thing The Joker The Penguin The Riddler Toyman Two-Face Ultra-Humanite Ultraman Ursa Ventriloquist Vicki Vale Vigilante Wonder Girl Wonder Woman Zatanna Zoom Area 51 Bludhaven Gorilla Island H.I.V.E. Moon Base Oolong Island Ace Chemicals Smallville Stryker's Island Arkham Asylum Area 51 (Hard Mode) The Hall of Doom Armory (Villains Only) Watchtower Containment Facility (Heroes Only) Batcave (Legends PvP) Arkham Asylum (Legends PvP) Ace Chemicals (Legends PvP) JLA Watchtower (Heroes) Hall of Doom (Villains) Gotham City Metropolis Kahndaq Batcave Australia (S.T.A.R. Labs) Tomb of Isis The Moon Super Speed Acrobatics Flight Bow Brawling Dual Pistols Dual Wield Hand Blaster Martial Arts One-Handed Rifle Staff Two-Handed Shield Arcane Athletic Slimline Battle Mage Biker Briefs Business Cargo Combat Slimline Contemporary Tech Elaborate Tech Electric Flames Flexsuit Formal Ice Jeans Lined Slimline M Suit Metalhead Mystic Energy New Genesis Paramilitary Pyramid Slimline Reverse Slimline Schoolyard Slimline Strap Scale Street Tertiary Slimline Triangles Two-Color Slimline Urban Slick V Suit Backpack Classic Embellished Paramilitary Quiver Rounded Short Small Bird Wings Small Demonic Wings Small Tech Wings Split Tattered 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A Animalia Ankh Arrow Atom B Bird Bullet Butterfly C Circled Wings Club Cobra Crosshairs D Double Axe Dynamite E Eye of the Horus, F Fiery Star Flying Death's Head G Grenade H Hatchet Hazard Horn Horned Helmet J K King Knight L Leaf Lightning Bolt M Moon Mushroom Cloud N O P Paw Pawn Pentacle Q Queen R Ram Rifle Rocket Rook Royal Wings S Shield Shooting Star Shuriken Skull Snowflake Spade Star Stormcloud Sun Swirling Fireball T Tornado Totem Trident Turtle U V W Wings X Y Z Comical Flirty Powerful Primal Serious
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