Fit Les - The Official Fit Les Olympic Anthem

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FIT LES - THE OFFICIAL FIT LES OLYMPIC ANTHEM Out 22nd July. Follow on Facebook & Twitter From the artist formerly known as 'Fat Les'. Fat Les, the million-selling anarchic pop art collective fronted by maverick actor/comedian Keith Allen, have announced that they are to release an Olympics-themed anthem and, in a nod to the austere times we live in, are now renamed Fit Les, having slimmed down and jettisoned previous partner-in-crime/ex-Blur cheese-maker Alex James for being "too cheesy." Fit Les now include Matt Eaton as well as Happy Mondays singer Rowetta Satchell and The Official Fit Les Olympics Anthem will be released in July at 20.12pm just three whole days before the world's biggest McDonald's opens in the Olympics Park.
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