Aqua Top Gun Squidbillies Force - UnCONventional - Ep 11

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If you haven't been paying attention to the format, the boys at unCONventional are really big fans of Cartoon Network's [adult swim] programming block, which is why they felt honored to get interviews with Squidbillies creators Dave Willis and Jim Fortier and Granny him/herself, Dana Snyder -- but, honor or not they had to screw with them anyway. To balance the show out with something completely unrelated, the gang took Philip K. Duck to Kansas City BBQ (aka THE bar from Top Gun), for some grub and a trip back into the Tom Cruise/Tony Scott synth rock fueled 80s. All this and a cameo from AquaTeen Hunger Force's Master Shake in lifelike puppet form - unCONventional takes you right into the Danger Zone! Follow World of Heroes, Matt., Jayden & Philip on Twitter & Facebook at: Subscribe to Stan Lee's World of Heroes and check us out on: Facebook: G+: Tumblr: © 2012 Vuguru POW! Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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