Official Era - Prayers (Real Music Video) [18+]

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Era - Prayers
Era Music Video + Lycris

I am not sure if this is the orginal Lycris but it's sounds Pretty good.
What the girl is singing i dont know, but there is some english subs on it. No lycris at all for it yet.
Anyway Enjoy

Agimus Si Gloria
Verus Hostiam et Te Verum
Agimus Versa
Verus Sere sit Anuntiam
Atireo, Atirio
Mahma kana fek
El-nour fe aleaman
Onshor salama fe el- donea
(over final choir)
Deum Ore Ore

El-nour fe aleaman


With the 1990 first album Enigma-MCMXC a.D. fashionable to have been used in
the chants arranging songs. One popular projects using a formula, but it is
ERA. It is sponsored by the French composer and producer Eric Levy (Eric

And spent Erika Levy (now, the full name of Eric Jacques Levisalles) than ERA
resides in the English rock band "Shakin 'Street", known in the 1980s. He is
the author of several movie films, the best known of which is a fictional
comedy "Outsiders 2. Corridors of time. " In his youth, Eric Levi Soviet
philosophy and traditional Christian sects Katarov circulated in the 12 th
century in the south of France. ERA contains elements of the culture.

Muzyka ERA is a fusion bands, Soft Rock (guitar), and the drive electronics.
Incidentally, unlike the Enigma used in ERA live song (and not sampling)
English church choir.

In addition to Eric Levi c Era of names : Gay Prothero, Flores Didam, Harriet

Melodichnaya, perelivayuschayasya, and at times quite shocking, rhythmic music
and vocals are gentle and hour ERA.

ERA was the second most popular (after Enigma) enigmatic project, and now
radio and television can be heard ERA-hit Ameno, Divano, Mother and others.

Diskografiya ERA has three this album, and a large number of pirate (which, as
always showed great popularity of the project).

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