Ao Thuat Gia Card Magic

By: derynhaze


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Toi la ao thuat gia day.

This video was made in 2004 and I have advanced so far since. I'd also like to add that THERE ARE NO CUT SCENES!!! EVERY TRICK IS ONE CONTINUOUS SHOT. THE ONLY CUTS ARE WHEN THE VIDEO GOES FROM ONE TRICK TO ANOTHER! Stay tuned bc there's SO MUCH MORE to come!

BTW: I appreciate all of you viewing it and leaving comments. However, I'm a little disappointed in those who think exposing magic over youtube is cool. We, as magicians, learn these tricks to entertain everyone. Exposing the trick is just sad. Please understand that what we do isn't to trick or deceive anyone.. it's to entertain. I know that we will never get stop encountering those who just want to ruin magic for everyone. Please don't expose magic secrets. If you want to learn what I, and many other magicians, do, feel free to email me and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction. And to all you "youtube-gicians"... you don't execute it properly.

And if you were wondering, Deryn Le of Daniel Madison's and I are the same person. I was the one that created Daniel Madison's Ambigram featured on his "Dangerous" DVD

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