A Great Interpretation of Tribal Belly Dance: Rachel Brice [18+]

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Rachel Brice has been studying Yoga and Belly Dance since the age of seventeen. She began teaching Yoga in 1996, after 7 years of Yoga practice and then training with Erich Schiffman. Also in 1996, she became a Certified Massage Therapist, and was a Chiropractic Assistant for three years. She first fell in love with Belly Dance after watching the famous Hahbi'Ru at the Northern California Renassance Faire. Immediately she began taking classes with Atesh, director of Atesh Dance Troupe in Orange County.
With a interest in dance, she decided to study full time, and relocate for the University program in Dance Ethnology at San Francisco State. The Bay area is home to Master Teachers Carolina Nericcio, Director of Fat Chance Belly Dance, and Suhaila Salimpour, which was also influential in Rachel's decision to relocate. While in the Bay Area, she teaches Yoga and Belly Dance for Pixar Animation Studios, and 7th Heaven Yoga, and takes classes with Fat Chance Belly Dance.

This video ( Tribal fusion) is derived from a DVD of the beautiful dancer.
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