Hap Ki Do Groundfighting Demonstration

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A United States Hap Ki Do Federation (U.S.H.F) groundfighting demonstration at Indiana University. December 2007. Participants included myself and members of the Indiana University Hap Ki Do club.
The point of these techniques is to use coordinated movement to keep your attacker from gaining a controllable position. Stressed in lessons are things like the concept of free parts (these are things like using your hands to spin yourself around in order to keep your guard/legs between you and them, up kicks if your down and attacker is standing over you, and eliminating their ability to base out when sweeping), worst case scenario if mounted don't let the person settle (hip movement is critical) and always keeping your guard between you and your attacker.
Remember the best self-defense is avoidance. IF you can talk or walk your way out of every fight, you will never lose!

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