One-Winged Angel - Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections

By: calbee219


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My Recital of One-Winged Angelfrom Final Fantasy VII Piano CollectionsFinally, here is the completed version.VERY sorry about the poor lighting, I did this at night, and honestly, it looked really good on my cam, but now it looks really dark, hahaha.I recommend viewing at its original size.There's a studder in one place. DAMN that studder.I'll leave it up to you find it...although it's not super noticeable, which is why I'm sort of happy with this recording. But Sh*t, it's such a retarded mistake, lol. people who are very familiar with this piece will definitely pick it up.This is one of my favorite pieces, not just from final fantasy, but of all time. Sure, being played on the piano, it cant really be compared to orchestra, but I do have to say that this arrangement is very nice. There are some parts I dont like though. Michael Huang's arrangement is misses the mood, but there are some parts where I was just blown away. While my arranging/improve skills are almost non-existent, I plan to make a new recording in the future. Actually I should say recordings. I'd like to remake this one just to show another recording. I play this piece at least once almost everyday, and the way I play it now is very different, and well...better imo. I'd also like to work on my own arrangement, but what I mean by this is somewhat of a copy and paste method from PC and Reborn versions. There are several phrases that I want to arrange myself, but in the end I dont foresee myself arranging very much of my own stuff. Im talking maybe sometime in summer of stay tuned anyway, you never knowAnyway, feel free to rate and comment.

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