Main Hoon Na / Trust Me - With Eng Subs Part 1

By: sukritistraitup


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The opening scenes of my favourite movie. I subbed just on a lark. If this doesn't get blocked and if i get a few hits on this then I'll sub and upload the other parts.

A comment on whether you want to watch the rest or not would be very welcome.
Just so i know that there is an interest.

OOOOO....... over a 100,000 view.
Thank You to all for your support.

The song at the beginning is "Headwind by Medwyn Goodall"

P.S. As I've been getting Constant complaints.
WARNING : FYI I've added a few words here and there to increase the projection of emotions of the speakers. And If you're a pure BHARATIYA please don't watch as this may offend you because I've not done a transliteration as found on the DVD you may have bought. And yup there is a certain amount of swearing as well so be warned and don't chase after me with torches and pitch forks. Better yet Hindi speaker please don't watch as you hopefully know hindi already so you definitely won't need this translation for understanding.

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