Pokemon Black and White - Zorua AND Zoroark Event

By: Wolf4knowledge


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These two event involves you unlocking the Transfer Machine in Hiun City and then transfering specific Pokemon from the previous generation game (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver) By bringing the Celebi you get from the movie "Phantom Champion Zoroark" to the NPC shown in the video you can get a Zorua. However, you have to have an free ball in your inventory. (anyone is fine) Also by bringing any alternate color beast (also from the movie Phantom Champion Zoroark) to the illusion forest on route 16 a special event will take place. A NPC will come out and a battle will start against a legendary beast. However, by lowering its HP you find out it's actually Zoroark. You can catch it in this battle.

Note: Like my HG/SS videos I'll upload some parts of my playthrough in Black and White. I am currently playing Black version. Bare with me if I do stupid mistakes because I still don't know the new Pokemon and new areas so I might spend a lot of time running around. My character's name is ホワイト with a female sign at the end. This just means White so it isn't anything special. Oh yea I'm a guy. Remember this video is for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. (So don't make stupid comments about how I battle and such)

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