Band Hero - Ocean Avenue Expert Drums 1st FC + 1st Place

By: Quade92


Uploaded on November 09, 2009 by Quade92 Powered by YouTube

More Info:___________________________First Band Hero vid! ^_^So yeah, request some Band Hero FC's and I'll do em (Rio,The Adventure etc are on the way)Okay so this game is a little harder than I anticipated BUT I am SO CLOSE to the FGFC,I have like 60 FCs atm (Roughly, haven't counted) I will be the first to FGFC this on Expert Drums! I WILL! =DBtw, forgot to add in the score meter, sorry guys O_o you can see it at the end anyways :)Yeah so, pretty simple FC, one weird fill, I also added 2 'Pad Noise Solos' for the hard fill and another random one xD It's my first time ever including them so they'll get better; Tell me if you like them or not :)Need a new drum kit seeing as your stock failed you, YET AGAIN?! Buy a GoodWood's kit; durable, stable and 'whisper quiet':http://www.goodwoodmods.comhttp://www.sfdclothing.comThanks to Neztech for the intro, subscribe to him, he is a very decent drummer: also Subscribe to me! ;)___________________________Even more info!The song in the intro is: Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country (You should all know that?!)I'm using the ION Drum Rocker, want it? You can get it pretty much anywhere, google it. :DI always play on Hyperspeed 2, unless playing online, in which I play with no hyperspeed.Yes I do play 'real' drums.Yes I have a life_______________________________________

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