I Will Deny (I Will Survive Dota 2 Parody) -Lyrics in Description-

By: Jags Domain Crew


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Love letter to the under appreciated. Twitter: https://twitter.com/JagsDomainCrew Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jagsdomaincrew MP3 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ikp4kxzacvx6d6a ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to MrScrake for the drawing. Sorry we didn't ask to use it! I just googled "Dota 2 Lion" and thought yours was the coolest! MrSkrake has a ton of cool Dota 2 and LoL illustrations like the one featured in this video. We highly recommend you check out his Deviant Art here: http://mrscrake.deviantart.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics by Tom and Kush, performed by Kush At first I was unsure at the hero pick I thought maybe I'd play Gondar, maybe I'd play Nyx But then I spent a couple seconds thinking what my team needs more And I knew, yeah I knew I'd play support And now I'm back, back on the lane No I ain't playin no Invoker, I ain't playin Anti-Mage I bought the courier, and I also bought the wards Now watch me play this Crystal Maiden like you've never seen before Go on now go, go back to base Just turn around now before I Frost Nova your face Weren't you the one who tried to gank me with your stuns You think I'd crumble? You think I didn't have vision? Oh no not I, I will deny Oh, as long as I help Ursa farm I know I'll stay alive I got wards to watch the rune, and I got dust to counter Brood And I'll deny, I will deny, hey hey (interlude) It took all the gold I had just to get my Drum Kept trying hard to stop the feed of our Brazilians And I spent oh so many fights just getting picked off by their burst I used to die, but now I Euls myself first And you see me, I'm playin puck Watch me Dream Coil this whole team to make sure they all get stuck I'll harass you out of lane, and I won't let you get XP And I'll be givin all my last hits to someone who'll carry me Go on now go, go sit in well You scrubs are ragin hard at one another, I can tell And if you try to use a healing salve, do you think I really care? I'll just ping for Clockwerk to cancel it with his Rocket Flare Oh no not I, I will deny Oh, and as long as I just stack and pull I know I'll stay alive I have Smoke of Deceit, and Arcane Boots on my feet And I'll deny, I will deny, I will deny -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoutout to Nerdboy715 for making the best parodies on YouTube.
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