2008 Dodge Charger Viper 5704 2-way with Remote Start and Proximity Sensor.

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Customer wanted top of the line functionality and security. We installed a Viper 5704 alarm system using oem spec wire harness and super reliable bypass module. What this means is far less wires need to be altered on the vehicle, making for an overall more reliable installation. The bypass modules we use normally only require one factory key to program, and do not require a key to be in the car for the remote start to work like most shops require. These modules maintain the security of newer chipped keys by only bypassing the vehicles security measures when it receives a signal to remote start, which can only come from the remote supplied with the alarm. This particular customer wanted to have a shock sensor, and proximity sensor installed with this alarm. This alarm will notify the owner via the remote whenever something occurs with the vehicle. Some examples of this are if a door is opened, if someone comes within the range of the proximity sensor, when the vehicle is started remotely, and of course if the alarm goes off. We offer sale and installation of many top car audio and electronics brands in South Florida. Call/Text/Email us today for a quote! East Coast Audio Connection, where your ideas meet our expertise (786) 519-3222 EastCoastAudioConnection@Yahoo.com Facebook.com/EastCoastAudioConnection
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