Marauder Career Review

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Career Counterpart: A bit more complex, the White lion. but balanced differently to make up for the pet, much like the shadow hunter and squig herder.

The Marauder
With the gifts of Tzeentch, the Marauder is capible of unleashing the wrath of the bird god, decimating any that might oppose the forces of destruction.

On the battlefield, the marauder stands up to its image, a formidable and unruly opponent, killing everything in its path with speed and little descretion.

They are a melee dps class, capible of good damage, but this means they become targets when they go in for a kill in ranged fights. Even unhealed however, the marauder can generally get in and take a few enemies with them when the situation is against them.

Marauders are capible of taking most enemies down in one-on-one combat, assuming they don't take too much damage getting into melee. Finding such a battle can be hard in open field RvR, or Battleground RvR unless you know the terrain, and find good ambush spots, or know where you'll be able to pop out on someone. When backed up with a healer, the marauder definatly takes its place in the frontlines giving out as much punishment as they take.

Trying not to make themselves obvious targets until its too late, marauders can take out most opponents once they are locked in melee with them. Although it seems a little iffy right now, player on player collision even allows the marauder to intercept enemy melee that are harassing their healers, by physically stepping in the way, and often slowing them with a hamstring like ability, that most melee classes in WAR have.

In PvE, the marauder seems rather capible of taking on several opponents and bringing them down before they can bring him down. In a group, the marauder can speed up fights making life much easier on tanks and healers alike.

Again, This is the second of several, time permitting I'd like to do this with most if not all of the classes, or all the destruction classes and tell you which order clases they line up with.

Any suggestions, or whatever will be taken into consideration. Thanks for watching.

Decided to Fast Foreward through a lot of the travel time, sorry if you like watching running, but the video was nearly 6 minutes, with a lot of nothing happening. I left the music out of this one because of comments, and requests on the last video.

This is all shot in the first area in the Empire vs Chaos called "Nordland." it was all shot before I had gotten the Rank 10, Renown Rank 6 Armor and weapon set seen in yellow at the end of the video.

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