KRS-One VS. Roxanne Shante (BDP VS. Juice Crew)

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Where did hip hop truly originate? In the mid-80's, MC Shan and producer/DJ Marley Marl seemed to imply that the New York borough of Queens should get the credit, according to lyrics Shan recited in "The Bridge". MC Shan: "You love to hear the story again and again of how it all got started way back when. The monument is right in your face, sit and listen for a while to the name of the place ... THE BRIDGE, QUEENSBRIDGE".

KRS-One and his Boogie Down Productions crew represented their home borough in this infamous feud, and firmly insisted that the Bronx was the birthplace of hip hop, not Queens. KRS-One and BDP soon released a follow-up to "The Bridge" entitled "South Bronx".

The battle continued over the next few years with Boogie Down Productions representing Bronx, and the Juice Crew representing Queens. Numerous diss tracks were released by both sides. KRS-One called out female rap pioneer Roxanne Shante (Juice Crew) in "The Bridge Is Over". Shante fired back in the catchy yet forceful track "Have a Nice Day".

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