Going the Distance (2010): Getting-back-on-the-horse

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Published 9 Jan 2014
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The clip getting-back-on-the-horse from Going the Distance (2010) with Jason Sudeikis, Justin Long. Powered...
The clip getting-back-on-the-horse from Going the Distance (2010) with Jason Sudeikis, Justin Long. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

That's the way you need it
Ah. I look like such an idiot.
Trust me. It works.
But I'm not into older women. That's your thing.
But you asked me for my help, all right?
You have a problem, I have a solution. These women are good to go.
Yeah, good to go to an early bird special at Denny's.
You haven't been out with a lady in what, six months.
So this is about getting back on the horse.
Yeah. No, I know.
Now, sure, you're not gonna find yourself a Kentucky Derby winner here tonight...
...but you might find a nice horse to ride down the Grand Canyon on.
You get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon...
...drop her off and you go about your business.
That makes it worse.
Wooh! Sorry I'm running late, boys.
Three beers, yes?
- Oh, no. - What's going on?
- What the fuck? - Holy shit.
What? You're not Charlie Chaplin fans? This is gonna kill.
I love Charlie Chaplin.
I'm not a fan of the guy that has the exact mustache.
Where are you going with this?
At no point during shaving did you think:
- "Cool it. I'm gonna look like Hitler?" - Hitler? Oh, yeah, thought of that.
It's the plastered hair.
I knew you guys were gonna give me shit.
I'm shaving it, and then... I get that way too far on this side.
- Too far. - I went too far down this side.
I started going back and forth, back and forth. I stop.
If I stop now, and you can still pull off Chaplin. You know what?
If you don't like it, I'll send you to the gas chamber.
- You are doing Hitler. - I'll do whoever I want.
Pick a character and go...
- Hey, game faces. Hello. - Hi.
- How you doing? - Good.
You guys didn't go to school with us.
We did not. No.
You have a very foxy eye for detail.
- Wanna dance? - I do.
- Time machine. - Yeah.
Maybe my friend Garrett here can join us?
I'm good. No. I'm good. I'm gonna sit this one out.
- Bye, gentlemen. Shall we? - Let's do it.
Hold on, hold on
Oh, man, this is ridiculous.
I know it's ridiculous.
- You know you don't have to be here. - You think I'm gonna miss this?
No. Well, yeah. No, not this though. I mean...
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