(RSMV) Faint ♫

By: arzon


Uploaded on August 05, 2008 by arzon Powered by YouTube

Well here it is, my last RSMV...
My third RuneScape music video edited with sony vegas 8.0 :D enjoy it pl0x

Unfortunately.. I see I over used the prayer book emote at the end :s, oh well... I was kinda in a rush to finish the video...And yeeesss, I know i screwd up with the line,"time won't take"..
And for those asking, the part where I said,"NOOO!!!!" I was using the powdered wig to do that emote.
To answer "How did you capitilized NOOO!!!?" they were actually parethesis combined to form the letter O..

I'd like thank Jessie and logdotzip.. without them this video would of been uploaded two more days from now lol.
Also... I forgot to add Wati feir to my credits... Sorry I guess I wanted to finish up the video as soon as possible that I didn't pay much atttention to the credits, Thanks for helping me out wati..

I don't know what happened to the video... I mean I was expecting the quality to suck but the audio seems
diffrent.. it's not as clear as the video I have on my comp...and it's like it lowered the volume of it too :s

[NOTE] - Please stop asking me to not quit RSMV's beause I've already made up my mind. You aren't changing my mind, no one is.
ALSO, please stop spamming or i'll start blocking poeple...

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