Momentazo a 3 Metros Sobre El Cielo

By: FlowGirls93


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Momentazo de a tres metros sobre el cielo/ tre metri sopra il cielo/ 3 meters above the sky (the best moment)

English dialogue:

- He knows so well we are going out at 6.
- But its only 7, i'm sure he's arriving now.
- I know him, he couldn't lost a minute maybe is with that bitch...
- How many times have you broke your motorbike in this month?
- Four.
- You don't know how to support a motorbike!
- No, it isn't that. I make run it to the limit, i'm not like you, since you felt in love you have forgotten the races. Because you have fallen in love, haven't you? You don't think always in her? You don't wait the time to call her? Your heart doesn't beat when you look at her?
- Yes, Pollo. I have fallen in love.
- You don't know that when you fall in love you became paranoid and annoying?
- Is the first time that i've fallen in love for sure...
- I'm going.
- Where are you going?
- To see Babi.
- Joust in time.

- I saw a graffiti this morning, a beautiful woman said: there are two days in which i don't think, yesterday and tomorrow. FM 107. 3 Caos Radio, i saw things that you can't imagine -

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