Summoner Showcase - Issue #51 - The Spice of Life

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Overlord Twigs is a well-known fan artist, and for good reason -- this colorful Cho'Gath skin doesn't disappoint.
NeaGigi gets crafty with paper and creates a highly textured Skarner figure.
BeeneGeoffrey illuminates our lives with this impressive art of Lux.
HRH Musetta combines homework and creativity, by creating this 100% edible cake centerpiece featuring our favorite yordles.
The God of Pegana brings some thick lines and comic flair to a frosty champion.
SnowBall Sora's song tugs on heartstrings, and gets us yearning for time upon the Fields of Justice.
Smitsonski Jr sculpts and scrapes a few fearsome champion models for his desk.

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