Trauma Center: Second Opinion - 6-7 Fallen Heroes

By: Karin & Omega's Channel


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*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION* *SPOILERS WARNING* *JTV LIVE STREAM: *Twitter: On this video: 6-7 Fallen Heroes Hello! This is Karin, Omega's sister, and on this playthrough I'll go with Trauma Center: Second Opinion. I'll try to get my ranks between A and S. I almost lost our guy during the Deptera part, huh? Yeah I was also at the edge of my chair at that bit. Either way, this is a long long mission with different GUILT each time... I tried getting a high score by letting lacerations and tumors to form, but I guess I really need to avoid any mistakes in order to get an S rank, which I'm not getting with that stupid Triti and its mean thorns. Enjoy! Like and Comment please. ---------------------------------- System: Wii Second Playthrough Easy Mode
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