Bruce Lee - the Father of MMA (re-upload)

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The Founder of Jeet Kune Do The notion of cross-training in Jeet Kune Do is similar to the practice of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in modern times — Bruce Lee has been considered by UFC president Dana White as the "father of mixed martial arts".Many consider Jeet Kune Do to be the precursor of MMA because of its syncretic nature. This is particularly the case with respect to the JKD "Combat Ranges". A JKD student is expected to learn various combat systems within each combat range, and thus to be effective in all of them, just as in MMA. The Way of Martial Arts and Martial Artist "FLOW LIKE WATER" 猴王Hou-Wang Jeet Kune Do isn't a style. It's more of a state of mind. A style is a crystalline structure that cannot be deviated? from. It requires you to do things a certain way: i.e. punch and kick a certain way. Jeet Kune Do has no such limitations. Whatever the user feels is appropriate for the given situation, he is free to change or adapt his "form" to anything that is effective for the given situation. Bruce Lee stated himself, "Jeet Kune Do" was coined just so that people could identify it easier.
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