Miley Cyrus - Parody - You'll Look Like Poo (Spoof of "When I Look At You")

By: VenetianPrincess


Uploaded on October 06, 2009 by VenetianPrincess Powered by YouTube

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The song I'm parodying:

*I thought I'd do something different for once and parody a ballad. I think its safe to say I enjoy spoofing upbeat songs better. But this was fun, especially with all of the doomsday talk lately about 2012. I didn't film this at home, so I didn't have my usual equipment. New upbeat parody coming out soon!

Written, sung, and edited by me. Special thanks to all of my viewers who submitted clips for this video. Unfortunately, I could only use a few due to timing constraints. Worry not though, as there will be plenty of more collab video opportunities! :-)

Original spoof music by the amazing Steve Goldstein

Thanks to my buddy Shane for making a cameo!

This is a parody of the official music video for When I look at you. available now on iTunes here ‪ Taken from her new album The Time of Our Lives available exclusively at WalMart, as well as Party In The U.S.A.

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