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A highly-acclaimed music video for the song was directed by Jonathan Glazer. The band is presented in imitation of the opening scenes from the 1971 film A Clockwork Orange, in the milk bar. Blur star as the quasi-Droogs, complete with Damon Albarn wearing eyeliner similar to the character Alex DeLarge. They perform in the bar in all-white.

The bar patrons consist of different groups; a lone female entertains male business colleagues by exploiting their sexual interest in her; two men, one identified as a 'red man' (dressed entirely in red) who used to be 'blue', conduct a stilted (subtitled) conversation; two other men one of them wearing a vicar's clerical collar become increasingly drunk on cocktails, laughing more and more hysterically until the clergyman tells his friend something to which the viewer is not privy, and which causes his friend to suddenly retreat into stunned silence (a device similar to that used in Radiohead's promotional video for the song Just in the same year). It is possible that the vicar tells his friend that he is gay and likes his friend, as in the last second of the video on the left the vicar can be seen to kiss the man.

The golf ball-shaped speaker featured in the video was sold in a charity auction in 1999.

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