The Original Coke on Pork Video (read the Details!)

By: Tobuscus


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Watch this one first:

Cause... I get a half-cent per view. Muwhaaha...

Here's the back-story...

My roommate told me that she never ate pork because, "when you pour Coke on it, worms come out."

After I finished laughing, I caught my breath and said, "I'm no lawyer, but if I was, I'd say you were legally retarded."

She responded with, "Why the hell do you think nobody eats it?!"

I told her I was going to prove her wrong - with video. So I made this... thinking she'd say "Hahah... yeah right. Why'd you fade to black if it was only 2 minutes?!"

Instead, she watched it and said, "NOW do you believe me?!"

... She didn't care that it was ridiculously fake-looking, and I didn't expect anyone ELSE would buy it...

But then people started reposting it (it was featured on Break, Ebaumsworld, Myspace, and maybe some others). It received 3 million views in the first week from these sites alone, not to mention the half million on YouTube (where it wasn't even featured).

It generates a lot of racist and offensive comments. The interchange between commenters on Metacafe and YouTube basically went something like this:

Comment: "That's why Muslims don't eat pork, you stupid fucking Americans."
Response: "Don't you have something to blow up?"

And so on. People take pork so seriously...

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